What are the advantages of a GALVALUME standing seam roof (SSR) comparted to a built-up roof?

By  selkoshairi on June 23, 2023

Leaking conventional, flat nonmetallic roofs are the biggest problem on nonresidential buildings for architects and building owners. Conventional roofs made with organic materials deteriorate even under normal environmental conditions. They embrittle from the heat and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Then, as result of temperature fluctuations, they develop cracks, splits and tears. Finally, because they are flat, ponding water inevitably penetrates these brittle, cracked systems and leaks into the building, causing damage to goods and disrupting activities inside the structure. Leaks can be patched early in the life of the roof, but as time passes, leaks become more frequent, and an expensive replacement of the roof is required. Such replacements often require tearoff, extra labor and even a temporary building shut-down. GALVALUME standing seam roofs (SSR) offer a weathertight, maintenance-free roof system that will last for decades on commercial, office and factory buildings. GALVALUME SSRs are economical to install, leak proof, maintenance-free, energy efficient, noncombustible and long-lived.  Properly designed, installed, and maintained GALVALUME roof is expected to provide a minimum service life of 60 years in most atmospheric environments.