Disclaimer Statement

This website is operated by the GALVALUME Sheet Producers of North America (GSPNA), acting on behalf of the North American steel manufacturers licensed to produce 55% Al-Zn coated steel. Every care has been taken to make sure that the contents of this site are accurate, but members of the GSPNA trade association and their subsidiary and associated companies cannot accept responsibility for errors or for information which is found to be misleading or inaccurate. Suggestions for or descriptions of the end use or application of 55% Al-Zn steel or methods of working are for information only, and no liability can be accepted in respect of them.



This 55% Al-Zn coated steel product is manufactured and sold under the GALVALUME trademark by Bethlehem Steel Corp., Dofasco Inc., National Steel Corp., U.S. Steel Group of USX Corp., and Wheeling-Nisshin, Inc. It is also manufactured and sold by Steelscape Inc. under the ZINCALUME® trademark, by Industrias Monterrey S.A. under the ZINTRO-ALUM™ trademark and by Galvak, S.A. de C.V. under the GALVAL™ trademark.

GALVALUME is an internationally recognized and registered trademark of BIEC International Inc., and some of its licensed producers, and a trademark of Dofasco Inc. in Canada.

ZINCALUME® is a registered trademark of BHP Steel (JLA) Pty Ltd.

ZINTRO-ALUM™ is a trademark of Industrias Monterrey S.A.

GALVAL™ is a trademark of Galvak, S.A. de C.V.