Are GALVALUME roofs offered with a warranty?

By  selkoshairi on June 23, 2023

Regarding warranties, a purchaser needs to consider the two types of GALVALUME roofs that are used – structuraland architectural systems. Structural systems are those, such as SSR, that are installed directly on the roof structural system (i.e., purlins), without decking. These are low slope systems, up to about 1:12 pitch, using bare, heavier gauge GALVALUME steel sheet. Use in this application is guaranteed by licensed producers, for up to 50 years.  The warranty period has been extended by some licensed manufacturers based on published and peer-reviewed building inspection reports across the US.  Some roofing manufacturers also warrant their roof systems for weather tightness.

Architectural GALVALUME roofs are those used in applications in which the roof is being used not only for protection against the weather, but also for its appearance. Because architectural roofs are visible from the ground, they are used as a design feature of the building. Such systems are used at high slopes, usually up to 4:12, for both residential and nonresidential buildings. In most cases the GALVALUME panels are prepainted in a wide range of colors using today’s high performance paint systems. Warranties cover both the GALVALUME sheet and the paint system.

Most GALVALUME producers give the same warranty for the GALVALUME steel substrate for prepainted roofing as that for bare roofing. Most producers also pass along the paint company’s warrantee against chalk, fade and peel of the paint system. Paint companies and coil coaters typically pass along the paint company’s warranty, depending on the paint type and environmental conditions. GALVALUME sheet producers and roof manufacturers should be contacted for specific requirements for their warranties.