What is the life of a prepainted GALVALUME roof or wall?

By  selkoshairi on June 23, 2023

From a practical standpoint, the life of a prepainted GALVALUME panel is dictated by the performance of the paint film, i.e., appearance as affected by conditions of fade, chalk and peel, and the life of the paint film is determined by the type of paint system and the weathering conditions to which it is exposed. Almost all building owners will repaint a prepainted roof or sidewall when the appearance of the paint film is determined to be aesthetically unattractive from weathering.

Paint systems applied on modern coil coating lines can be expected to provide good to excellent performance in nearly every environment. The most used topcoats are polyesters, siliconized polyesters, fluoropolymers and plastisols.  Several quality levels (resin, pigments, other additives, etc.) are available within each generic class.  Proper (and compatible) chemical pretreatments and high-performance primers, and good quality topcoats enhance adhesion of the paint film to the metal coating and increase overall corrosion resistance, particularly at cut edges, scratches and bends.