What types of flashing are recommended for bare and/or painted roofs?

By  selkoshairi on June 23, 2023

Because GALVALUME sheet does provide long life, flashing should be used that will provide a life commensurate with that of GALVALUME sheet. For bare GALVALUME sheet roofs, GALVALUME sheet flashing is preferred, although aluminum flashing is also acceptable. Galvanized flashing is not recommended because it will not provide comparable corrosion resistance. Copper and lead are not recommended for flashing in direct contact with GALVALUME roof panels because they will cause galvanic corrosion of the Al-Zn coating. For prepainted GALVALUME sheet roofs, flashing as well as trim parts should preferably be made from prepainted GALVALUME sheet from the same color and coil line batch for both initial color matching and long-term color change during weathering.