Can I place bare or prepainted GALVALUME sheet in contact with the concrete foundation footer?

By Author selkoshairi on June 23, 2023

Direct contact with the concrete footer is not recommended for either bare or prepainted GALVALUME sheet. Water can accumulate at the crevice between the GALVALUME panel and the footer, causing corrosion at the cut edge. Ideally, sill plates should be used on concrete foundations to avoid direct contact with the foundation and to drain water away from the edge of the panel. Also, the siding panel should not be in contact with the sill plate. Sill plates should be tilted slightly away from the building to avoid trapping water and providing for drainage away from the edge of the panel.

The footer also is an area where fiberglass blanket insulation should be installed properly. Insulation needs to be installed above the sill so that it won’t get wet and acts as a wick to cause inside-out corrosion. To avoid wet insulation at the footing, several inches of fiberglass insulation should be removed from the waterproof vapor barrier at the end of the blanket. The vapor barrier should then be folded up and around the insulation and placed between the panel and the sill plate, thereby eliminating contact of the fiberglass insulation with any water that may accumulate in this area.