Cheap Roofing Vendor

5 Reasons for NOT Choosing a Cheap Roofing Vendor!  

By Author selkoshairi on March 4, 2024

Is your roof sending distress signals, and do you need to consider repair or replacement? You must think you got lucky because you can mend your roof with a cost-effective roofing vendor! It is time to delve deeply and question the quality of services provided by cheap roofing vendors.

Choosing an affordable option is not necessarily wrong. However, understanding the competence of your contractor is thoroughly essential. Their competence also includes the quality of the materials that they promise you. Through decades of merged experiences, we have learned that not all roofs are equal. An attractive bargain could sometimes lead to costly consequences.

Let’s venture deep on a journey to understand the risks of working with a budget-conscious contractor.

Some Risks we are going to discuss are:

  • Cutting corners
  • Re-using use flashing
  • Risking early failure
  • Shortening your roof’s lifespan
  • Not thinking about property damage

Cutting Corners

An economical roofing estimate may seem like a mother lode, especially when it promises savings on your home improvement processes. However, diving into something cheap; requires an eye for something tricky. What appears to be a cost-effective choice in front of you could unfold into a story of unforeseen expenses and cheap quality.

The Risks of Budget-Friendly Roofing:

Material Baiting & Switching: It is a typical tactic of baiting you with premium roofing materials and then switching them with subpar substitutes. Budget-conscious contractors can employ bait-and-switch tactics. With this tactic, they swap your selected premium shingles with lower-grade shingles. But the catch is, both look the same and you have no way to recognize the quality. $10.36 Billion of the total roofing revenue is generated by residential roofing services. This value is not generated by cheap vendors, it is dollar value created by vendors who promise the right quality and implement the same!

Inadequate Nailing Practices: As we always say, the devil is in the details. Especially when it’s a matter of nailing practice. Reputable manufacturers recommend a minimum of 6 nails per shingle – for warranties. But a cheap vendor might skimp on this crucial detail and could compromise the integrity of your roof.

Inexperienced Labor Problems: To cut costs, budget-conscious contractors hire inexperienced labor at a lower rate. While this is what all businesses do at some point or the other, it is not acceptable in the roofing industry. It often results in subpar working processes and issues with your roof down the line.

To safeguard your investment and ensure that a roof stands the test of time, you should always investigate your contractor’s materials and processes. You would have the details outlined in your estimate, but are they transparent and do they follow quality standards?

If you are smart enough, no vendor can rip you off from your promised roof quality!

Reusing old Metal Flashing

Revamping your roof often leads to a gross underestimation of the skill needed for replacing metal flashing! Each roof has unique characteristics. They all feature disparate roof-to-wall intersections and tricky corners that need precise flashing techniques.  
When you look for a cheap vendor, these people can overlook these intricate sections. They can recycle the existing flashing from your previous roof. While this looks like a smart move, they do not have master the perfect flashing for your new roof. This leaves you with aging flashing – which is only a temporary fix.

These flashing intricacies are indeed important, and when you are spending – it’s always better to give your roof the attention it deserves. Choosing quality over shortcuts guarantees a long-lasting solution. This not only protects your investment but provides you with peace of mind.

Early Roof Failure

The long life of your roof is guaranteed with nothing but the vendor’s craftsmanship and quality roofing materials. This commitment could ask for a higher cost upfront, but when you settle for inferior quality for a cheap cost – you are compromising the overall excellence of your roof.

A budget-friendly contractor can let go of essential roofing components during the installation process. Neglecting critical elements like ice and water shields – leaves your roof vulnerable. Leaks and premature wear and tear are common problems for you each day.

Professionals who are committed to these quality standards are necessary, as they prioritize superior materials and skilled labor. Local experts in your area can ensure a personalized touch and also comply with regional roofing requirements. Thus, your roof stands strong, against all weather conditions!

Shortened Roof Lifespan

If your contractor opts for cheap materials, it’s a guarantee that your roof’s lifespan is going to be cut short! Inferior materials do not have the durability to support their high-quality counterparts and can potentially call for a roof replacement sooner than expected.

Material quality is just one piece of the roofing jigsaw puzzle. You may invest in top-tier materials, but if you hire a cheap roofing vendor – the approach turns extremely risky! To ensure that your roof quality stays the same over the years, a combination of high-quality materials and skilled labor is compulsory 100%

Thinking about Property Damage

When your selected contractor decides on using low-cost subcontractors, there is always a major risk to your property and possessions. When contractors are dedicated to protecting your property, they do not compromise on the thorough steps needed to secure your premises. And this is the sign of a reputable contractor.

Throughout the roof clearing and replacement process, debris can fall onto your patio and deck. A good vendor will proactively help move the patio furniture, plants, or other valuables which will prevent any potential damage.

Such points are necessary to be considered when considering a roofing vendor.

Wrapping up,  

Yes, these are the shocking disadvantages of choosing a cheap roofing vendor!  

But the advantages of choosing an excellent vendor are multiple:  

  • Extended Lifespan
  • Low Maintenance and Repairs
  • Fire and Pest Resistance
  • Energy Efficiency with Cool-Paint Coatings
  • Eco-Friendly and Recyclable
  • Versatility with Installation

When you are investing in a new roof, it should be the best service you get – as you don’t go around installing new roofs every 2 years. It is a long-time installation & you should not compromise on the quality due to cheap roofing vendors!