How does the corrosion resistance of GALVALUME sheet compare with that of galvanized sheet, and how long can a GALVALUME sheet roof be expected to last?

By  selkoshairi on June 23, 2023

GALVALUME sheet has been successfully used in roofing applications for more than 50 years; it has been evaluated in outdoor R&D tests for well over 60 years. Based on these tests, in which corrosion weight losses were measured and compared with galvanized, GALVALUME sheet is projected to outlast galvanized sheet (with an equivalent coating thickness) in various atmospheres by up to nine times. Likewise, recent inspections of 82 low slope GALVALUME roofs up to 40 years old across the U.S. confirms the R&D results. These roofs are in excellent condition and are projected to last 50 to 60 years before requiring major maintenance.