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A structural GALVALUME SSR system is a low cost alternative to non-metallic roofs, particularly when considering life-cycle costs. Because of its lighter weight, a GALVALUME SSR system also lowers the structural support requirements in new construction. Likewise, for retro-fit projects, structural GALVALUME SSR systems can usually be installed directly over the old roof, eliminating the need for tear-off. This saves labor and disposal costs, and avoids disrupting activities inside the building. GALVALUME SSR systems can also be installed year-round.

Compared to various types of low slope non-metallic roof systems, a structural GALVALUME SSR is projected to have the lowest life cycle cost. For example, over a 40-year period, non-metallic roof system for schools in Alabama are expected to cost two to four times more than a structural GALVALUME SSR. (See Table). For specific costs of structural and architectural GALVALUME SSR systems, contact panel manufacturers.

Projected 40 Year Roof Cost — Tuscaloosa School System, Tuscaloosa, AL
Material Installed Cost Total Maintenance 40 Year Total Roof Cost
SSR $5.05 sq/ft $0.69 sq/ft $5.74 sq/ft
Build-up 3.00 18.15 21.15
PVC 3.25 10.98 14.23
EPDM 3.10 6.68 9.78
PIB 3.50 8.18 11.68