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Galvalume® Steel Roofing: Good Practices Guide

Long-term Benefits

The Long-Term Benefits Of GALVALUME Steel Roofing Are In Your Hands.

Properly Designed, Installed and Maintained GALVALUME Roofs Can Provide 30+ Years of Trouble-Free Service.

The popularity of steel roofing continues to reach new heights. Today, its weather-tight performance tops off all types of buildings, all around the world.

When GALVALUME sheet steel was introduced in the U.S. in 1972, all bets were on its high-performance characteristics that feature an alloy coating of 55% aluminum-zinc to provide outstanding corrosion resistance.

Time has proven that GALVALUME steel roofs last longer, require less maintenance and offer exceptional value. It's that combination that has made GALVALUME steel roofing the ideal alternative to traditional non-metallic roof systems.

Your Guide To Good Practice covers the basics of what architects, contractors and building owners need to know about GALVALUME steel roofing — from initial project planning, through construction, and after completion.

Design, installation and maintenance practices developed over the past 25 years ensure that GALVALUME roofs provide long, trouble-free life.

During periodic building inspections, observations were documented of practices that can affect the life of GALVALUME roofs. The good news is that these problems, which typically affected only a few panels on relatively small areas of the roof, can be avoided by using the accepted and recommended practices detailed in this guide.

The recent 25+ year roof inspection showed that properly designed, installed and maintained GALVALUME roofs can provide 30 years or more of trouble-free service in most environments. Use this information to your advantage, because the long- term results are in your hands.

GALVALUME steel roofing covers buildings worldwide today, totaling an estimated 40 billion square feet.

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