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Galvalume® Steel Roofing: Good Practices Guide

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At the initial project planning stage, roof slope is a key consideration for architects incorporating GALVALUME roof systems into their designs.

A minimum slope of 1/4:12 is required to ensure sufficient drainage of water and good long-term performance of GALVALUME roof panels. Roof design will dictate the minimum slope for weather tightness. A standing seam roof can be used at the minimum slope of 1/4:12. Its weather tight seams are sealed, interlocked together, and raised above the roof's drainage plane. "Screw down" roofs are installed at steeper slopes because panels are overlapped at sides and ends, and attached with exposed fasteners.

Atmospheric and climate conditions are also key elements to consider. Corrosive microenvironments from local industrial operations can exist that influence the performance of GALVALUME steel roofing. Likewise, marine exposures can be severe, making the location of the GALVALUME steel roof with respect to the shore line an important consideration.